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Have You Ever Wondered Why?


St. Luke’s Formation Team is happy to announce a monthly offering to help us understand more about our faith, the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Tradition (of which the Episcopal Church is part).

At the beginning of each month, a brief exploration of a different topic of our faith will be offered. The explorations are not meant to be exhaustive, but simply to help us reflect more deeply on why we as followers of Jesus do what we do. We hope these explorations raise more questions than answers because we believe the journey of faith is a journey of unending depth and growth!

Have You Ever Wondered Why:

We Bless Houses?

The Church Celebrates the New Year Well Before Christmas?

We Have Icons, Statues, and Stained-Glass in our Church?

Our Parish is Named After St. Luke?

There’s an ox with wings tiled into the floor near our main entrance?

Episcopalians Make the Sign of the Cross?