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Sunday School Kick-off Letter (September 2017)

Dear Sunday School Parents,


The 2017–18 Sunday School year is upon us, and the teachers couldn’t more excited to gather with your children for our time of worship, learning, and prayer!

Kids three years old and older are invited to participate in Sunday School. We meet each Sunday morning during the 9 am liturgy, except the first Sunday of each month and on major holidays (i.e. Christmas, Easter). Between 8:55 and 9:00, we gather at the top of the stairs outside the Nave. We then process as a class into the Nave with the Priest, who will bless us, before we head to our classroom space (located through the hallway behind the organ). We will return to liturgy during the Passing of the Peace, so that children can participate in the Eucharist with you.

Each Sunday School follows a basic order of worship: we sing a few songs, we hear one of the stories of Scripture and respond in a variety of ways (e.g. crafts, games, activities, discussions), and we end with a short time of prayer. We have a growing collection of songs and prayers that we repeatedly use, but we would love to hear about and incorporate the songs or prayers that you use with your children and home, so please let us know!

Each class, we aim to help children hear and respond to the stories that teach us about who God is and what God has done, and who we are as God’s people, the church. This year, we will tell a series of stories that make-up one of the most important stories that we tell as Christians, a story we call the Story of Salvation. While the church calendar (i.e. Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, etc.) tells the Story of Christ, the Story of Salvation is more expansive and we will tell it bit by bit, week by week, using seven Cs: Creation, Crisis, Covenant, Christ, Church, Calling, Coming Kingdom. Essentially, this is the big story told throughout Scripture, from beginning to end.

During September, all of our classes will focus upon Creation, but we’ll need your help.

On Sept 10, we’ll tell the story of Creation and respond with art.

For Sept 17, please help your child find and bring one object that s/he loves from God’s creation. We will be doing a Show and Tell activity.

For Sept 24, please send your child in outside clothes. We’ll be venturing outdoors to tend to God’s creation on St. Luke’s campus.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about Sunday School, please be in touch with Adrienne Cizek (adrienne.cizek@gmail.com, (262) 490-1434).