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Sunday School Update

Dear Sunday School Parents,

As we continue to tell the Story of Salvation during Sunday School, we come to the fourth chapter, “Christ,” in which we tell, hear, and respond to stories about Jesus. We continue to use stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible, which have proven to be complementary to our catechetical goals and accessible to children in our class.

In December, during Advent and leading up to Christmas, we heard stories about Isaiah the prophet, who mourned for God’s family, who seemed happy to wander far from God like lost sheep. Isaiah told God’s people that one day God would send a good shepherd – a rescuer, who would fulfill the covenant God made to Abraham and heal the world. We spent another week looking at various art depicting the birth of Jesus – the Rescuer, and creating our own artistic depiction of Jesus’ birth.

Throughout January, we are telling stories about Jesus’ life. On January 14th, we told the story of Jesus’ baptism – when God claimed Jesus as God’s own and John said, “Look, there’s the healer of the world!” And on January 21st and 28th, we will hear two stories about Jesus healing the world from sickness and death, and sin, and respond with Legos and art.

Throughout February, we’ll hear and respond to the stories behind Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter, i.e. the Last Supper and Jesus’ arrest, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection.

We encourage you to invite your children to share with you the stories they are hearing in class, just as we will continue to invite the children to tell and retell these stories about Jesus – some of the most important stories for our lives together in the church.

We’re glad to partner with you to help our children learn to hear Christ’s call to them and to respond. As always, please be in touch with Adrienne Cizek (adrienne.cizek@gmail.com) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you!