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Sunday School Update

Dear Sunday School Parents,

Sunday School is off to a great start! Last month we began telling one of the two major stories of the Christian tradition: the Story of Salvation. We tell the story with 7 Cs: Creation, Crisis, Covenant, Christ, Church, Calling, and Coming Kingdom. Last month we heard and responded to the story of Creation and this month move along to the story of Crisis.

To tell the story of the Crisis, we’ll hear and respond to the story of Adam and Eve and the serpent in Genesis 3, as well as reflect upon the Confession of Sin, which we recite at least weekly during the Eucharist.


We’re glad to partner with you to help our children learn to hear Christ’s call to them and to respond. As always, please be in touch with Adrienne Cizek (adrienne.cizek@gmail.com) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you!