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Sunday School Update

Dear Sunday School Parents,

As we enter April, we continue telling the Story of Salvation, turning now to the story of Calling.

Following the story of Christ, which we told in January–February, we turned to the story of the Church. We learned about how God continued God’s plan to rescue the world by expanding the family that God began with Abraham and Sarah to include us—the Church. We also reflected on what we do in our family because we are God’s family: we forgive one another, we tell the truth, we serve Jesus, we eat together, we love our neighbors, and much more.

This month we turn to the story of Calling, in which we hear the stories of how Jesus called particular people to serve Jesus in particular ways.

April 8: Jesus calls Saul, who became Paul, to travel abroad, telling the world about Jesus.

April 15 and 22: We will welcome two guests to our classroom to share about the work Jesus calls them to do and how they discerned Jesus’s calling in their lives.

Finally, on April 29, we’ll reflect together on the gifts that Jesus has given us and how we might use those gifts to serve Jesus and the world Jesus loves. To help us prepare, on April 22 your child will bring home a guided reflection to help them begin thinking about what gifts God has given them, what things they love to do, and what they think Jesus might be calling them to do in their lives. We hope that you will help your child work through this activityKids are welcomed and encouraged to bring along 1 Show and Tell object that represents what s/he thinks God might be calling him/her to do with his/her gifts.

As always, please be in touch with the Sunday School teachers if you have any questions or concerns. It is a joy for us to partner with you in your child’s Christian formation.

-Paul Cizek

On behalf of the teaching team: Mary, Jessica, Adrienne, and myself.