Holy Eucharist is celebrated at 9 AM every Sunday

  • 3200 S. Herman Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53207
  • 414.744.3736
  • office@stlukeschurch.com

Sunday Worship at 9 AM

Before the Service 

As you enter the church building, you will be greeted by an usher who can answer any of your questions. They will provide you with a bulletin, which includes the day’s Scripture readings.

Find a seat, anywhere. Some like to be close so they can see the “action.” Many like to be in the back so they can be the first in line for coffee. Some like to be in the middle and surrounded by people. No matter where you sit for whatever reason, know that that spot has been reserved for you.

As you enter a bench (pew), you may wish to pause and bow slightly to reverence the cross: it is a way to help us focus on and literally orient ourselves to Jesus Christ as we prepare for worship. Before worship begins you may notice people praying, looking around, reading the bulletin, reading a prayer book, hymnal or Bible, simply meditating, checking in with each other, or listening to the organ. Please do what best suits you as you get ready for the worship service.

In the pew, you will find a guide to the worship service, telling you when to stand (as you are able), when to sit, and what prayers and readings will be done when. Placards on the side and front walls indicate the songs we will sing. If you ever feel lost during the service, don’t hesitate to ask somebody nearby for help.

The Service: Singing, Responding, Praying (About 1 hour) 

Our worship service is about re-connecting with the presence of God in Jesus Christ. In worship we amplify this presence through prayer, singing, listening, silence, art, fellowship, alms-giving, Scripture, Bread and Wine.

The service officially begins with the opening hymn and the procession of the cross, choir, and other ministers. Traditionally we stand to sing, sit to listen and kneel to pray. While there is some variation and blending of these distinctions, the service bulletin and ministers will be clear with directions.

Our service is highly interactive and we invite you to participate in the service as you feel comfortable. Using uplifting and inspiring words and music, the congregation is taken through reflection on scriptures, an engaging sermon and a time for prayer and refocus. An open invitation is extended to everyone who is baptized, regardless of where they may be on their journey of faith, to share Holy Communion.


Posture And Gestures 

There is no one right way to do anything. Be comfortable. Try something new. Let others do what they need to do as you do what you need to do.

You’ll hear us say these words again and again: where ever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome at the holy table. Just approach the altar rail and stand or kneel, cup your hands together and extend them. The priest will offer you a communion wafer. A lay server will offer you wine. you can take one or the other or both. If you still aren’t sure you can also cross your arms in front of your chest and ask the priest for a blessing.

The bread and wine are the most powerful signs the church has to express the presence of God in the world and our lives. A special meal between friends, an everyday activity, food prepared with crushing and fermenting, Body and Blood—all add to our understanding of God’s presence. Please know that all are welcome to receive communion.

If you wish to receive the body of Christ please come to the altar rail and hold out your hand to take the wafer of bread. You may eat the bread immediately, or you may wait and receive it with the wine. If you wish to receive the blood of Christ from the chalice please assist the chalice to your lips for a sip of wine, or you may leave the wafer in your hand and the Eucharistic Minister will dip it in the wine for you. You may also dip the wafer yourself. If you wish to receive the bread only, please know it is the historic position of the Church that receiving one of the elements is sufficient to complete communion. If you do not wish to take the bread and wine, you are invited to come to the altar rail and receive a blessing. Indicate this by folding your arms over your chest and placing your hands near your shoulders.

After The Service 

The service from beginning to end usually takes one hour. Following the service you are invited to greet the clergy at the door and then join us in the parish hall for “Coffee Hour.” It is a time to enjoy some complimentary refreshment, delicious treats, and connect with others.